About KangerTech Products

KangerTech has been able to effectively start up certain vaporizer product lines, such as Aerotank, Protank, and Genitank. With KangerTech originally being established in 2007, and is one of China’s manufacturers that produces the personal electronic vaporizers. This company’s main center of interest falls into the alteration’s and designs of the different personal electronic vaporizer models, like the kangertech kbox. These vaporizer models have been absolutely favored, and has been able to maintain the product’s high quality of standards. All KangerTech products that are made, are demanded to pass particular certifications, along with fulfilling the strict kgtechinternational environmental management system standards. There are different types of electronic vaporizer tips when it comes to the KangerTech products. Some of the tips include: opening the Kangertech Subtank RBA head, and new organic cotton coil head tips for Subtank installation. These types of tips are able to be found on either kangertech.com or kangeronline.com websites. These sites provide videos on how to carry out these types of tips to the KangerTech electronic vaporizers. One of the advanced mods that has been created is the Rig Mod. This type of mod is different from other mod models, due to this Rig Mod is able to last longer than other mods with the wall of the mod being more dense. The Rig Mod is able to modify and regulate the top contact of the vaporizer, as well as the mount button that is flushed with the mod. This mod provides one of the lowest voltage drops, and having a reliable battery for an increased flow of air. The Kanger GeniTank Clearomizer is able to provide the similar and distinguished characteristics of other clearomizer mod series. The GeniTank is able to fulfill the types of the Kanger Protank Clearomizer series, with added airflow capacity that is able to be adjusted. By using similar but also distinguished double coil heads that are inside the GeniTank, are able to fit and be threaded onto the 510 drip tip. The Kanger GeniTank Clearomizers are able to be replaced with other types of atomizer heads. These atomizer heads that can be replaced include: the bottom double-coil and the three ProTank coils. The GeniTank uses a Pyrex glass tank that holds the e-liquid for vaping, and the airflow can be easily adjusted. KangerTech has created a top line box mod known as the KBOX. The KBOX uses an aluminum structure in order to provide a lighter mod that can be managed easier. Even though the KBOX is a lighter weight, it is also a heavy-duty type of mod. The KBOX model has a wattage setting that can be easily set to several different settings. The settings can range, in electrical resistance, from 0.4 to other levels that are higher than the other types of atomizers. The KBOX mod comes with an excess heat hole, and a preservation of the short circuits in the mod. The thread connection of the KBOX has a very similar battery socket that has an appropriate fitting for this device.